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2008/2009 Season

September 2008

Lunch Hour’ by John Mortimer .

 Blossom’ by Margaret Spencer-Brookes 

October 2008

Love Letters’ by A. R. Gurney

'Someone to Sit Next To’  by Eileen Brandon

November 2008

‘Cupboard Love’ by Jean McConnell

‘Reflections on a Life on the Stage' - Interview with Bill Hardy 

December 2008

‘The Man in the Bowler Hat’ by A.A.Milne

'Christmas Party Pieces' performed by Thespa Members

January 2009

‘Mixed Doubles’ 5 short plays by various authors

February 2009

'The Worst Day of My Life' by Alan Richardson 

‘A Talk in The Park’ by Alan Ayckbourne

March 2009

‘Between Mouthfuls’ by Alan Ayckbourne

Thirtieth Anniversary Review and Memories  

April 2009

‘ Quandary’ by Wendy Smith

‘Last Post’ by Jean McConnell

May 2009

‘Garden Pests’ by Jean McConnell

‘Cruise Missiles’ by Jean McConnell

2009/2010 Season

September 2009

Drinking Companions’ by Alan Ayckbourn  

‘Alternative Accommodation’ by Pam Valentine

October 2009

'The Witching Hour' by Philip Johnson

'Remember Me' by Jean McConnell

November 2009

‘Still Life’ by Cherry Vooght

'Outdoor Pleasures' by Jean McConnell

December 2009

'Snow White and the Five Deadly Sins' by Jim Fenton

'Party Pieces': Anyone’s Favourites by Thespa Members

January 2010

'Deception' by Margaret Spencer-Brooks

'The Fat Lady Sings' by David Tristram

February 2010

'Mozart Man' by Tony Powell

'A Husband for Breakfast' by Ronald Elwy Mitchell

March 2010

'A Slight Inconvenience' by Margaret Kynaston

'A Chip in the Sugar' by Alan Bennett (from the 'Talking Heads' series)

April 2010 

'Watching the Magpies'  by Les Clarke

'A Field Full'  by Alan Bates

May 2010

‘OAPs Rule OK’  by Marion Whybrow  

Rats, Brats and Bureaucrats’  by Neil Rhodes  

2010/2011 Season  

September 2010

"Breaking the Ice" by Raymond Jones

"Shoppers" by Jean McConnell

"Late Frost" by Jean McConnell 

 October 2010

"Mind Games" by Ian Hornby

"The Evergreens" by David Campton

 November 2010

"Green Favours" by Frank Vickery

"The Pleasure of Your Company" by Cherry Vooght

 December 2010

"Robin Hood and His Hoodies" by Jim Fenton

"Party Pieces" by Members and Guests or Thespa

January 2011 


"Two Wits to Woo" by John Kelly


"Poor Mr Pembleton" by Stuart Ready  

February 2011

"Marrakech" by Graham Swannell

 March 2011

"Proscenophobia" by Betttine Manktelow

 April 2011

"Night Song" by Cherry Vooght

"Drag Factor" by Frank Vickery

 May 2011

"A Lady of Letters" by Alan Bennett

"Mother Figure" by Alan Ayckbourne

2011/2012 Season  

September 2011

"Jayne with a Y" by Ian Hornby

"Villa for Sale" by Sacha Guitry

October 2011

"The Best Laid Plans" by Wendy Smith

"Syd Wright Remembers" introduced by Margaret Spencer-Brooks

 November 2011

"Theatrical Digs" by Jean McConnell

"Murder Play" by Brian J.Burton

December 2011

"Big Brother" an entertainment devised by Thespa

"Stars of TV and Radio" members recall stars of past and present

January 2012 

"I Spy" by John Mortimer

February 2012

"Victoria Regina" by Laurence Housman

"Hobson's Choice"
by Harold Brighouse

March 2012

"The Play Reading" by Joan Honey

"Movie of the Month"
by Daniel Meltzer

April 2012

"A Slight Accident" by James Saunders

"Syd Wright Remembers II" introduced by Margaret Spencer-Brooks

May 2012

"The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde

September 2012

"Madam Munday's Mystical Mirror" by Paul L. Hedge

"Feeding the Ducks" by Michael Park

October 2012

"Countdown" by Alan Aykbourn

"Norma" by Alun Owen

"The Border"
by Graham Swannell

November 2012

"The Kingfisher" by William Douglas Home

December 2012

"Two Purple Gloves" by Michael Park

"One Across" by Ian Hornby

January 2013

"Dock Brief" by Sir John Mortimer

February 2013

"Rialto" by Richard Parsons

"Relics" by David Campton

March 2013

"The Eccentric" by Danny Abse

"Up The Garden Path" by Paul Beard

April 2013

"The Rats" by Agatha Christie

"Homage to Shakespeare" devised by Jean Fenton

May 2013

"Luck Be A Lady" by Michael Park

"Mr Perfect" by Alan Richardson

September 2013

"April in Paris" by John Godber

October 2013

"The Last Word" by Rex Baker
"A night in front of the box" by David Titchener

November 2013

"All is not lost" by Jackie Smith
"Charity begins" by Bettine Manktelow

December 2013

"Rest in Pieces" by James Cooke
"Off work ill" by David Titchener

January 2014

"Getting Along" 

February 2014

"Say Something Happened" by Alan Bennett
"The Dear Departed" by Stanley Houghton

March 2014

"Fathers Day" by Eric Chappell

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