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Photo Gallery

May 2019

“Saving Grace”

A Drama by Cliff Gillies

Directed by Janet Gillett

Cast in order of Appearance:-

Grace……………………Beverley Stonehewer
Charles…………….........…….Richard Hughes
David……………......………Jamie Stonehewer

Scenes 1,3,5 & 7 - The bedroom of Charles & Grace Stone
Scenes 2 & 4 - A classroom.
Scene 6 - ”The Vaults Pub”


Scenes 8, 10,11 & 12 - The classroom
Scenes 9 & 13 - The bedroom

March 2019
1st Play

Breaking the Ice

Arnold - Mike Edwards
sandra - Shirley Knauf
Jenniffer - Libby Campion
Doris - Janet Gillet

2nd Play

Good in the Kitchen
Cast: -
Peter - Richard Hughes
Norman - Geoffrey Stansfield
Mrs. Collins - Rochelle Shapiro
Maureen - Libby Campion

For up to date photos please visit https://www.facebook.com/thespaCDS/
February 2019
The Last Word by Rex Baker

Director  Libby Campion


Miss Bruce.          Libby Campion

Dorian Curtis.       Geoffrey Stansfield

James Langton.   Arthur Hill

2nd Play

The Visitor by Maureen Lee 

Director Wendy Smith


Laura Knight.   Rochelle Shapiro

Gay.                   Pauline Mackay

Mrs Harris.        Julie Payne

A Woman.          Wendy Smith



January 2019

"Remember Me" by Jean McConnell
Directed by Wendy Smith
Elizabeth………Wendy Smith
Sarah………….. Shirley Knauf
"The Rose and Crown" by J B Priestley
Mr.Stone………. .Geoffrey Stansfield
Mrs. Reed…… .Eileen Audas
Percy Randle……Jamie Stonehewer
Ivy Randle………Beverley Stonehewer
Ma Pack................Carmel Rogers
Harry Tully……...Paul Baker
A Stranger………Martin Curd


December 2018

“Two Purple Gloves” by Michael Park featuring Libby Campion and Richard Hughes.
A shopping centre at dead of night. An encounter. Was the Spirit of Christmas abroad that night?
2nd play:- “One Across” by Ian Hornby.
David – Michael Baker
Emma – Ann Ellis

September 2018

“Mother Came Too” by John Waterhouse

Directed by …   Wendy Smith             ………


Betty…………..Libby Campion

Alfred….…… ..Richard Hughes

Mother………  Wendy Smith

Raymon.………Geoffrey Stansfield


May 2018

 “IMMOBILES”, an extract from work by Michael Frayn

Chris            Andrew Gommersall
Dietrich         Keith Audas
Nikki             Veronica del Cerro
Mother          Diana King
Call Waiting    Eileen Audas

Directed by    Miles Rendle

"A DAY AT SEA” by Colin Smith

Betty           Shirley Knauf
Edna           Jean Macer
David          Peter Cadman
Directed by Peter Cadman

Peter Cadman Director


Jean Macer

April 2018

Beginning with our O.G.M.
Then entertainment -
  “GREEN FORMS” by Alan Bennett

Doreen            Beverley Stonehewer
Doris               Janet Gillett
Mr. Lomax      Jamie Stonehewer
Directed by    Janet Gillett & Jamie Stonehewe

“SCENT OF HONEYSUCKLE” by Jean Lennox Toddle

Mother Helen Drakeford
Daughter Shirley Knauf
Grandmother Rochelle Shapiro..
Directed by Shirley Knauf

March 2018

"EFFIE'S BURNING"  by Valerie Windsor
Effie               Shirley Knauf
Dr Kovacs      Julie Payne

A CUT IN THE RATES - by Alan Ayckbourn

February 2018


“The Kingfisher “ by William Douglas Home

 This is a comedy in 2 Acts, to be performed either side of the meal

Director     Wendy Smith

Hawkins     Richard Hughes

Cecil           Geoffrey Stansfield

Evelyn        Wendy Smith



January 2018




“ Just Passing ” by Colin and MaryCrowther. Directed by Peter Cadman. The characters will be played by Julie Payne, Peter Cadman and Shirley Knauf.  


October 2017



Peter Jones       Peter Cadman
Sheila Jones      Christine Marriott
Fiona Jones      Jean Mecer
Phillip Jones     Geoff Stansfield
Mrs Parish        Wendy Smith


A Talk in the Park


Arther     Peter Cadman
Beryl      Julie Payne
Charles   Geoff Stansfield
Doreen    Jean Fenton
Ernest     Richard Hughes


September 2017 


The Witching hour


The Cook...Shirley Knauf,

Maid...Julie Payne,

Madam Mandrake....Pauline McKay

The lady of the house...Janet Gillett

Norma features
Man....Richard Hughes &
Woman....Libby Campion


October 2015 Two Wits to Woo




March 2015   Flowers for Mrs Hopkins




Febuary 2015 The Sunshine Boys


January 2015 Month of Sundays



December 2014 Miss Letitia



March 2014

The March production of the Dinner Theatre was a special affair as it marked the 35th Anniversary of the founding of the group.

The production was the comedy Father’s Day by Eric Chappell.

Henry, played by Henry Cooper, was very successful as lonely divorced man, suddenly jolted out of his quiet existence by the appearance of his estranged son, Matthew, played by Jamie Stonehewer.  Jamie had another surprise for him, he had brought along his pregnant punk girlfriend, played by Beverley Stonehewer, and was suitably bewildered by his father’s lack of understanding.  The final visitor was Henry’s ex wife, Sue, played by Janet Gillett and the dynamics between the family members was expertly portrayed.  

February 2010

Peter Bramall gives psycho-killer Peter Cadman a piece of his mind in "The Mozart Man".

Wendy Smith, the village shrew, makes Mike Lloyd, the village big noise, realise the consequences of his ill-gotten winnings in "A Husband for Breakfast"!!

March 2010

Iris (Pat Blaker) and Lilian (Wendy Smith) give Carolyn (Ann Ellis) a hard time

Iris (Pat Blaker) and Lilian (Wendy Smith) give Carolyn (Ann Ellis) a hard time in "A Slight Inconvenience".

Liz (Eileen Cooper) saying something dizzy and testing the patience of her boss Carolyn (Ann Ellis) in "A Slight Inconvenience".

Mike Lloyd (Graham - left) and Peter Cadman (Director) take a bow after Mike's rendering of "A Chip in the Sugar".

April 2010

Dottie (Wendy Smith) carring for her friend Rose (Jean Fenton) trying to bring some joy as eviction to a nursing home looms in "Watching the Magpies"

Lovebirds (if only they knew) David (Henry Cooper) and Edwina (Pat Blaker - centre) give sound advice to Angela (Jean Cooper) at the end of the over-60s holiday in "A Field Full"

May 2010

Mrs Rogers (Rosaline Brothers) tells Mrs Phillips (Wendy Smith), the day care centre voluteer, how her fellow revolutionaries intend to enjoy themselves in the future.


Russ the Rat Catcher (Jamie Stonehewer) sends out "charming" signals from his electronic invention...

And Tessa the Teacher (Beverley Stonehewer) picks them up!!!

September 2010

Over tea and cakes Arnold (Michael Baker) sweet talks Jennifer (Ann Ellis) into joining him on a cruise while his niece, Sandra (Dee O´Sullivan) looks on disapprovingly and sees her inheritance disappearing!

Pamela (Kay White) and Kate (Jane Scott) reminisce about their past with some surprising revelations

November 2010

Tom (Jamie Stonehewer) explaining to Valerie (Beverley Stonehewer) why they should start an affair in potting shed.  Is she being convinced or resisting temptation?



Man (Henry Cooper) having his peace on a park bench disturbed by the arrival of Woman (Jean Fenton).

December 2010


Members of the Thespa board and other hangers-on wearing their latest charity shop bargains loosely follow a script as they perform Robin and His Hoodies in the annual pantomime.

January 2011


Lady Winsome (Ann Ellis) giving James (Michael Baker), the chauffeur, the sack. 

 James (Michael Baker) berating Joe (Jamie Stonehewer), the gardener.

February 2011

"House Husband" Walter (Peter Cadman) explaining his scheme to escape to Marrakech leaving bemused partner Vivien (Dee O'Sullivan) behind.

Walter's dreams must wait for another day as he contemplates that there may be "nowhere like home" with partner Vivien!

March 2011

The surviving members of the "Proscenophobia" company assess the cruel circumstances that led to the demise of two of their companions

 April 2011

Ruby (Jean Cooper) and Griff (Henry Cooper) work out how to come to terms with their son's revelation that he is gay in "The Drag Factor" written by Frank Vickery.


Left to right: Rosie (Jane Scott), Marilyn (Beverley Stonehewer) and Agnes (Janet Norton) resolve life's issues against the background of the park "Ladies" in Cherry Vooght's "Night Song".

May 2011

More words of wisdom from the "Lady of Letters" - Jean Fenton portraying the character of Alan Bennett's Irene Ruddock

Terry (Mike Lloyd) tries in vain to get the better of "Mother Figure" Lucy (Jane Scott standing), while his downtrodden wife Rosemary (Pat Blaker) adapts to whatever hand life deals her. 

September 2011

Gaston (Geoff Stansfield) selling his villa to wealthy Annabel (Wendy Smith)

Jayne (with a "Y" - Pat Blaker standing) cements her rapport with the mischievous Emily (Janet Norton) while anxious Nurse (Kay White) looks on.

October 2011

Mary (Wendy Smith left) breaks bad news to her twin daughters (not identical) June (Ann Ellis) and Ruth (Eileen Cooper)

Entertainer, Sid Wright, recounting memories of his long and varied musical career under the watchful gaze of hostess, Margaret Spencer-Brooks

November 2011

Experienced actress, Maggie Festoon (Janet Norton), has fun at the expense of a less experienced performer Pascaline Holbein (Pat Blaker)

Peter Darrell (Michael Baker) and his wife, Robyn (Ann Ellis) confront Jane Valentine (Jean Fenton) who has just happily told them that she has murdered her husband, David (Henry Cooper - not visible as he is moribund!!)

December 2011

Minister (Henry Cooper) on the rack being interviewed by Michael Barnes (debut performance for Thespa)

Minister (Henry Cooper) on the rack being interviewed by newcomer to the Thespa stage, Michael Barnes.

Minister (Henry Cooper) heeding advice from his Political Adviser (Jamie Stonehewer, while the haughty Civil Servant (Michael Baker) stands by.

Taking a bow in Whitehall: left to right Michael Barnes, Michael Baker, Henry Cooper, Jamie Stonehewer, Geoff Stansfield and Ann Ellis.

Star of Radio and MC for the Christmas Evening: Peter Cadman

Star of Yorkshire Radio: Ann Ellis

Star of Radio Manchester: Jean Fenton

Star of Radio Berkshire: Janet Norton

Star of Rustic Radio: Mike Lloyd

Star of Home Counties Radio: Margaret Spencer-Brooks

Star of Radio Tropical: Michael Baker (I think!)

January 2012

Mrs Morgan (Veronica Wright) and Gladys (Janet Norton) enjoy a chat on the Promenade at Cold Sands

Detective Mr Frute (Peter Bramall) and Mrs Morgan (Veronica Wright) discover love!!

February 2012

Lord Melbourne (Peter Bramall) presents a list of suitable suitors to the young Queen Victoria (Beverley Stonehewer) - she is not amused!!

Willie Mossop (Geoff Stansfield) thought that he was betrothed to Ada Figgins (Pat Blaker, centre) but learns that he is in fact spoken for by Maggie Hobson (Janet Norton).  He is a worried man!!

March 2012

Ladies at "The Play Reading" discussion their next production: left to right Ann Ellis (Margaret), Dee O'Sullivan (Rachel), Jean Cooper (Jean) and Margaret Spencer-Brooks (Mrs Prentice)

Henry Cooper (B.S.) contemplates the ratings war with hapless assistant with Geoff Stansfiel (Broun)

May 2012

Lady Bracknell (Janet Norton) holds forth

Lady Bracknell (Janet Norton) holds forth.

The Reverend Chasuble (Michael Barnes) and Miss Prism (Margaret Spencer-Brooks) plan a walk in the garden together.

Cecily Cardew (Dee O'Sullivan) entertains Algernon Moncrieff (Peter Cadman) under the watchful gaze of Merriman, the Butler (Jim Fenton)


Cecily Cardew (Dee O'Sullivan) and Gwendolen Fairfax (Pat Blaker) compare notes about their respective suitors

Algernon Moncrieff (Peter Cadman) and Jack Worthing (Mike Lloyd) discuss their respective intrigues and loves

September 2012

Billy (Michael Baker) may look simple when he is feeding the ducks (in the play of the same name) , but he will plan and execute the perfect murder as businesswoman Clare (Ann Ellis) is soon to find out to her cost!

October 2012

Jean Fenton and Peter Bramall act out their marital frustrations over a cup of tea and the daily newspaper in "Countdown" by Alan Aykbourn.

Janet Norton begins unveil to Michael Baker that their adulterous relationship has come to an end and that she is "dumping" him in "Norma" by Alun Owen.

Travers (Michael Baker) explains to Beatrice (Ann Ellis) why she is "happy" and should stop complaining in "The Border" by Graham Swannell.

November 2012

Sir Cecil (Michael Barnes) invites Evelyn (Margaret Spencer-Brooks) to take tea with him after she drops in to his house en route home from her late husband's funeral in "The Kingfisher" by William Douglas Home

Hawkins (Michael Baker) offers Sir Cecil an evening aperitif before he embarks upon another round of courtship with Evelyn

December 2012


Off Work Ill

December 2013

Getting Along

January 2014


Say Something Happened



The Dear Departed

February 2014

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